Monday, January 3, 2011

Who do you lunch break with?

So in the spirit of the new year I decided to do some things differently. First things first there was an immediate need to bring sanity to my work day. Enter God! I decided to pack my Bible to work and listen to Woodford County's own hometown hero Shaun King's series "100 Life Goals". Talk about heaven sent. I love this series! The last time I was in Atlanta he did the series for the first time and I wrote a few goals one of them being going back to school to get my Masters. At the time it was far fetched and seemed like a distant dream. A year and a half later guess who has a semester of grad school under her belt?! ME!! Needless to say I can't wait to do it all over again. Oh yeah, and I finished my day with a smile on my face. (That's usually a rare occurrence) I don't know what you all are doing for lunch tomorrow, but I'll be spending mine with God :))

It would only be proper to leave you with this angel dust: Listening to Shaun's sermon he asked, "What is it that you actually hope for?" So I pose the same question to you. I can only hope this sparks something in you like it did me!

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