Saturday, January 8, 2011

One day the princess disappeared

Today has been a FULL day of princess time. First, I went to a birthday party for two of my favorite little ladies. While the little ones were bouncing around I caught up with the adults about the going ons in our life. Next, I headed to David's Bridal with a group of my favorite adult ladies. Amongst the jokes were those about hideous bridesmaids dresses, women not dressing for their shape, and turning formal dresses into something for the club. Needless to say we had a blast. Finally, a group of us went to dinner and the catching up didn't stop. This leads me to my point.....

As little girls we are taught that we are princesses. The world around us is magical and anything we can dream up can become true! As we grow older we lose varying degrees of our "princessness". We kiss frogs, to find out they aren't the prince, but some still stay as if they wait long enough that frog will turn into a prince....WRONG! We allow other men (we date) to belittle us into a role of "baby momma". We settle for men with a gang of seeds floating around that they take care of some of the time. Ladies, please remember with every birthday, birthday cake, and birthday candle you blow out that the only reason to give up your "princessness" is for "queendom"

This leads me to my angel dust: If someone handed you a bar of soap, told you to eat it cause it taste like candy you would laugh so why allow a man to show up with a bag of trash, tell you it's gold amd you believe him?!

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