Saturday, January 15, 2011

Come out. Come out. Wherever you are......

Most people see a ceiling fan and think, "Ok. A ceiling fan." Not me. I see a ceiling fan and think, "Man, I can't wait to use a ceiling fan again!" I'm a spring baby but summer suits me just fine too! I hate wearing layers. I despise having to wear a coat. I could really do without snow, socks, and gloves. I want summer and I want it NOW! I think my yearning for summer because while I'm stuck in the blistering cold some of my closest friends are playing golf in florida, wearing bathing suits, and tanning and reading poolside. They'll come back with that summer glow while I could be described as "winter white" (gotta love being light skinned. LOL) Oh well, that's enough of my moping about the things I cannot change. But you bet your bottom dollar it doesn't change my eager anticipation of what's to come!

This leads me to my angel dust: Summer is the great equalizer. It's the season where we all turn the same color......sun kissed brown! So let's be sure to give summer some extra love this year :))

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