Sunday, January 30, 2011

Every time is like the first time

Ahhhh back to school! The joy! I kid, I kid. Grad school makes me think of my laptop. I mean once the semester starts my time is split between work, school, writing and reading. I am a student all over again. With a whole semester under my belt you'd think I'd take a new semester like a grain of salt....WRONG! Every semester, each class, is like the first time all over again. Unlike undergrad I don't have the opportunity to say, "Oh, I had this teacher last semester." Each teacher is new and have their own set of expectations that sometimes remain slightly abstract until you get the grade for your first writing assignment. I HATE that feeling! I don't know if it's a good thing or not, but I live and die for a rubric. Please tell me what you expect of me cause I don't read minds and don't like doing things 16 times until I FINALLY get it right. This applies beyond the classroom and into my "real" life. I hate gray. Always have. Too bad life doesn't come with a rubric!

This leads to my angel dust: Be sure to state your expectations cause if you don't, you can't blame anyone else for their inability to live up to them.

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