Thursday, January 20, 2011

Two birds, One stone

Ok so I cheated. I did NOT take this picture, but that's not the only way I'm "cheating". I'm  cheating on my Operation Get in that Dress mission too! But don't cry for me Argentina....It's all for a good cause! I just ordered some Girl Scout cookies from a good guy whose 3 oldest girls are selling the little boxes of wonderful! They have a goal of selling 1,000 boxes and I felt it was my duty as a hungry good samaritan to order some.... well quite a few, but how do you choose between Tag a longs, Thin Mints, and Trefoils?! The answer is you DON'T! LOL. And as much as I should feel guilty for my cookie order, I don't! I've always been a gal that would rather run an extra mile on the treadmill than give of my love for good food!

This leads me to my angel dust: Let's not get discouraged because we can't give a laptop to every student in a school like Oprah. Give what you can cause everything counts to those that have less than yourself!

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  1. I like this... I have talked to patient's that I have had in the past. It's amazing how a word of wisdom can stick with someone, someone passing you a kleenex if you're crying, a knowing smile or a slight touch on the hand of support. To those girls you made their day and help them obtain their goal!

    Get the milk ready and enjoy those cookies!!!!!