Monday, January 17, 2011

Split ends

Hair. My, how it brings up issues so many other issues! So today I made an appointment cause I was way overdue for a trim. I go in and as I told the stylist what I wanted she said ok. Then she shows me about an inch worth of hair and says, "I'll be cutting this much off. Is that okay?". I of course say yes not thinking twice about it knowing my ends were at least partially split and my ends were uneven. I asked her why she asked was it ok and she said, "You'd be surprised how many keep their split ends because they don't want to lose the length". I thought to myself.....that makes ZERO sense! Why keep hair that clearly is damaged and that if kept will continue to damage more of the hair?! Oh, I give the illusion that "my hair is long so everything is good!" Makes me think of some females I know and the "split end" relationships they've been involved in. You keep a man around that does more damage than good cause you lay claim that we look good together and we're happy. Hmmmm, is it that or do you not want to be alone?! Split ends like bad relationships start off as a minor problem. If you don't cut them out of your life or hair they reek so much havoc they still the glow you'd naturally have and damage more than the tips. "Things/products" may cover up the damage, but best believe those problems aren't gone!! P.S. the only person you're fooling is yourself. Who cares you have to give up a little, if you can get it all back later if you let go of it now?!

This leads me to my angel dust: I'd rather be bald headed and "splint end" free than keep them around and get upset everytime they show up and show out! 

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