Friday, January 7, 2011

Where's my light at?!

How many times have you gotten in your car, turned the key and the lights on your dash give you a heads up on what's going on inside the "body" of the car? You've got check engine lights, fasten seatbelt noises, low fuel messages, and the sort. Although we curse them in our head (or out loud) if gives us a clue where we should focus our time, money and efforts.

I just wish life had a "dashboard"! I think if this was the case my dashboard lights would have burned out in my 20's! My life dashboard would've flashed things like check heart. Whoo buddy would that have saved me from those delightfully fun guys that were charming, but far from Prince Charming! How about that check brain light. That would have saved me from the spur of the moment decisions like moving in with a coworker who turned out to be a jealous, mean, thundercat! (LOL) Really guys, it's true. She was bitter cause before we met she hit on my then love interest and he wasn't interested. As if that wasn't enough she liked my best guy friend and he was NOT having it. Guess her check brain light should have been going off too cause that's some dumb moves. With all that being said, my check attitude light would have gone off less frequently but caused the most alarm when it did. Boy did some folks get a piece of my mind......Uh, and they still do! lol. This makes me think back to my retail days. "No ma'am, I will not return your worn outfit" and of course they'd say, "Well can I speak to the manager?" I'd then say, "Sure. I'm the manager and I'm not taking back this outfit. It has body glitter on it" Yeah, so what sheisty people didn't like me. (hmmmm I think that still remains true!) Bottom line life doesn't have a dashboard so we have to make that much more effort to listen to our "insides" and do what's right for our soul.

This leads to my angel dust: As life adds mileage to our mind, body and spirit we must remember to always replenish (add fuel), protect ourselves (seatbelt light), and do what's best for us (check engine light)

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