Wednesday, January 19, 2011

"L" yes

Ahhhh there's nothing I love more than college basketball! When you live in a state with no pro teams, college ball becomes the end all be all! Hey, I'm not complaining. I love it. There's nothing better than seeing a group of young men playing til their heart's content because they're not only trying to win.....they're trying to "make it". Pro sports are cool, but often times the money exchanging hands in the game makes itself apparent. There's a lot more "whining" and "showboating". When it comes to the NBA there's a lot less defense! You all can take your NFL and NBA, I'll keep my college ball. Besides, without my boys there would be no league. Well, that's enough of that I've got a game to watch. "L" yes!

This leads me to my angel dust: Remember those with the greatest achievements often come from the most humble of beginnings!

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